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Picture Gallery - Contributions of members will be published here - so please bring some pictures or cd to the next chapter meeting.

EAA 124 Member's Projects

New Years Day 2005

Contributer: Chris Le Baudour at Frazier Lake (1C9) down near Hollister.


Contributer: Christine Kerner - Maule MX-7-180


Contributor :Kevin Quirk RV-12 at STS 10-1-11

Steve Barnes RV-6

Contributor: Steve Barnes in Barnes' Stormer 1-24-11

Legal Eagle

Contributor: Russ Gayda with his Legal Eagle STS 8-24-09


Contributor: Bob Ferguson RV-9A at STS 4-4-11


Contributor: Kevin Quirk RV-6 at STS 8-19-09

Cessna 170A

Contributor John Palmerlee- 1951 Cessna 170A at STS 10-28-11

Mike Shook RV-9A

Contriubtors: Mike Shook, John Ferland & Mark Eisnitz RV-9A at STS, 8-31-09 (Mike not present)

Contributor: Joe Lacchia, Starduster Too, STS 1-9-12

Contributor: Mike Shook RV-9A, Cloverdale, 2011